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EarthLED The World's Most Advanced LED Lighting

EarthLED: The World's Most Advanced LED Light Bulbs.

LED Lighting: After 130 Years...It's Time for a Brighter Idea.

Replace your lighting with EarthLED direct replacement bulbs and discover amazing efficiency; up to ten times that of a conventional light bulb. You'll save money and become part of the solution to a cleaner environment. Finally, with a lifespan in excess of ten years, it's easy to see why EarthLED bulbs are changing how people look at LED Lighting.

EarthLED offers the most varied selection of direct replacement LED Light Bulbs in the industry. Best of all, EarthLEDs plug directly into existing fixtures, making the switch to the future of lighting has never been so easy!


Latest Products

ZetaLux 2 LED Light Bulb NEW! ZetaLux™ 2 Series

The Next Evolution of the Revolution.

ZetaLux™ 2 brings the latest LED technology to the market at a price that everyone can afford. Reconsider what is possible with LED Technology.
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EvoLux LED Light Bulb EvoLux™ Series
Now UL Listed!
NEW! Low Price

The World's Most Advanced Light Bulb.

Breakthrough LED lighting technology. The EvoLux™ is the most powerful direct replacement bulb available for all general lighting applications. Discover for yourself why EvoLux™ will change the way you look at LED Lighting. 
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TriSpectra LED Light Bulb ZetaLux™ Series
Now UL Listed!
NEW! Low Price

The Light Bulb, Reimagined.
The new standard for value oriented lighting. ZetaLux™ only uses 7 watts yet provides light comparable to a 50-60 watt light bulb. See why ZetaLux™ is the new state-of-the-art.
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EarthLED LumiSelect Dimmable LED NEW! LumiSelect™ Series

Fully Dimmable LED Lamps.
The first LED complete line of LED lighting that can be used with standard dimmer switches. LumiSelect™ represents a true breakthrough in energy saving lighting technology that allows the placement of LEDs in applications that were never before possible.

EarthLED FL Series LED Tubes NEW! DirectLED™ FL

The Fluorescent Replacement Solution.
DirectLED™ FL allows you to replace traditional T8/T10/T12 fluorescent tubes with a highly efficient and bright LED tube solution at a great price!
DesignoLux Series LED Light Bulbs DesignoLux™ Series

A New Vision of Style.
Perfect for decorative, chandelier or accent lighting, the DesignoLux™ series allows you to install efficient LED lighting in fixtures that require a decorative bulb.
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EarthPAR Series LED Light Bulbs EarthPAR™ Series

Advanced PAR Performance.
The leading choice for flood or spot lighting, EarthPAR™ Power30 and Power38 deliver efficient powerful light where you need it most while EarthPAR™ EX is the most cost effective PAR38 solution on the market.
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DirectLED LED Light Replacement DirectLED™ Series

LEDs where you never thought Possible. 
Advanced direct replacement solutions for halogen and CFL fixtures. DirectLED™ allows you to convert to LED in total, easily and cost effectively.
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GrowLED Series LED Grow Lights GrowLED™ Series

Maximize Growth, Minimize kWh.
Plant growing in an entirely new light. The GrowLED™ series allows you to effectively grow plants indoors and save money at the same time. Advanced Select Spectrum technology only delivers the wavelengths of light that plants use.
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EarthLED News
LED Lighting in the News

April 22,  2010
EarthLED Launches ZetaLux™ 2 Series High performance LED Lamps
Learn More...

March 21, 2010
DirectLED FL Series Achieves UL Classification
Learn More...

July 23, 2009
New Lower pricing for EvoLux™ and ZetaLux™
Learn More...

May 15, 2009
EarthLED Featured in E, The Environmental Magazine
Learn More...

April 19, 2009
EarthLED ZetaLux™ and EvoLux™ featured on TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8 "Go Green" Special
Learn More...

February 9, 2009
EarthLED EvoLux™ & ZetaLux™ earn UL Listing and FCC Approval
Learn More...

February 2, 2009
EarthLED LumiSelect™ line of fully dimmable LED lamps launched
Learn More...

December 26, 2008
EarthLED listed as leading LED Lighting supplier in Natural Home Magazine
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December 11, 2008
ZetaLux™, EvoLux™ video review by EcoGeek
Learn More...

December 1, 2008
"This [EvoLux™] bulb is definitely bright..." 
-MetaEfficient.com Reviews EvoLux™ & ZetaLux™
Learn More...

November 30, 2008
Advanced Lumonics, LLC launches DirectLED™ FL T8/T10/T12 Fluorescent Replacement Tubes Learn More...

November 18, 2008
Advanced Lumonics, LLC launches ZetaLux™ 7 Watt LED, announces Enhanced EvoLux™ lineup. Read Press Release...

October, 2008
EarthLED featured on MSNBC.com Learn More...

October, 2008
EarthLED featured in Continental Airlines Magazine. Learn More...

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